Pre-Set Meal Plans

Available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule. Order once and let us take care of the rest. Each meal plan has a "Glow" plan (100% plant-based program) and a "Athlete" plan (plant-forward meals with sustainable protein) option. This week's meals are outlined in the plan description!

6 Meal Dinner Bundle
10 Meal Dinner Bundle
12 Meal Dinner Bundle
9 Meals | All Meals
6 Meals | Lunch, Dinner
6 Meals | 3 Juice

Athlete's Menu

This program is made for those with an active lifestyle looking to build muscle mass, increase energy, and improve rest + recovery. Each meal is balanced with an option to increase the amount of protein and choose between balanced carbs or low carbs for those looking to lose excess weight.

An "A La Carte" option to our Athlete's Plan Subscription.

Chicken Shawarma w/ Golden Rice
Turkey Zucchini Meatballs & Spaghetti
Korean Beef Bowl
Adobo Chicken
Fennel + Turkey Pasta
Moroccan Chicken
Sweet Potato Turkey Burger
Turkey Burrito Bowl
Maple Miso Salmon
Chicken Cobb
Salmon Niçoise

Cleanses + Kits

All of our programs are made in-house with the highest quality organic ingredients. Whether you are looking for a quick 1-Day Reset with our OG Juice Cleanses, or a deep 5-Day overhaul of nutrients with our Re:Wild Hybrid, there is a program for you.

Drink Lean Cleanse - Level 1
Drink Clean Cleanse - Level 2
Drink Green Cleanse - Level 3

low FODMAP Program

We have partnered with the incredible team at The Tummy Clinic to create a low FODMAP meal program that is designed to help those with gastrointestinal issues such as IBS and SIBO. Learn more about the team at

Full Day | low FOD
Lunch + Dinner | low FOD