6 Meal Dinner Bundle

6 Meal Dinner Bundle

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Our Pre-Set programs are created so that you get the most variety of meals without having to think about it! 

Receive 6 of our weekly dinner meals and let us take care of your evening meal for the week! Select between the "Glow" program (100% plant-based) or the "Athlete" program (plant-forward with sustainable protein) and receive 6 of our weekly meals. 

NEW: Choose between regular or low-carb options! 

Glow Menu | 100% Plant-Based
  • You will receive 6 dinners
Athlete Menu | Plant-Forward with Animal Protein
  • You will receive 6 dinners

There are no substitutions or changes with our pre set programs. To create a custom order please select the meals from the individual menu! 

All meals are made from scratch, with organic produce, and free from gluten, dairy, egg, preservatives, and refined sugar. 

*Please note: If you need any ingredients omitted from the meal due to an allergy please make note of it in the special instructions at checkout*