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1 - What does “plant-base” really mean?

All of our products are made from plants, and only plants! We do not promote any certain style of eating or drinking but our goal is to make it as easy and delicious as possible to include more plants into your daily diet. One of the most powerful things we can do for our long-term health and for our planet is to have a lifestyle that mainly consumes all of the incredible plants we have available to us. 

2 - Where do you source your ingredients? 

We source all of our ingredients as locally as possible. During the Ontario growing season the majority of our ingredients are sourced within 50km of our kitchen. During the winter months, and for our more tropical ingredients such as citrus, we partner with our local organic suppliers to source those ingredients so that we can ensure the highest quality and make sure that we are conscious of our environmental foot print. 

3 - Are your meals raw or cooked?

We offer both! We strive to create balance in our daily diets that include both raw and cooked plant base meals for optimal digestion and enjoyment. All of our meals are pre-made and delivered chilled for optimal quality but are able to be re-heated once you receive them! All meals come with re-heating instructions. If you have any questions please send us an email at hello@eatnook.com


4 - Are your meals vegan and gluten-free, are there any sugar?

All of our meals are gluten-free, refined sugar free, and 100% plant base. Some of our meals contain organic raw local honey and bee pollen and are marked accordingly.

5 - What does “cold pressed” mean?

Cold press is the method we use to extract juice from vegetables and fruit without heat or oxygen. Why is this important you might be wondering? The lack of heat and oxygen during the extraction does not compromise the nutritional value nor eliminate active enzymes, leaving you with a juice that is just as nutritious as the produce we use to make it. Cold press allows you to squeeze every drop out of the plant as opposed to centrifugal juicing, which is when you push the plant against a steel blade and filter it through metal mesh. The cold press method allows the food you’re juicing to maintain nature’s intended freshness by allow zero heat to touch the juice which gives it a longer shelf life since there has been zero accidental cooking throughout the process.


6 - Do all Nook products need to be stored in the fridge?

Due to the nature of our products being freshly made without any preservatives they require to be stored in the fridge (preferably at 4 degrees C or lower).

7 - Are your products nut free?

No. We use many different tree nuts in our meals and beverages such as organic cashews, almonds, walnuts, and pecans. Our facility is a “peanut-free” facility and is tested regularly.

8 - Why cleanse?

Our juice cleanses are a way to clean out your system and can help you press the reset button. When we do a juice cleanse correctly it can help improve your digestion, fill your body with energy, help combat negative food habits, and increase brain clarity. For first time cleansers we recommend 1 Day or 3 Day cleanses! 

9 - Are you doctors?

No. Nook is not a licensed medical doctor and does not practice medicine. We do not offer or provide medical advice. If you require medical advice or attention please seek out a professional medical doctor; nothing on this website shall be interpreted as medical advice. It is advisable to seek professional advice prior to initiating any new routines, including juicing. Any/all information obtained from our website shall not be interpreted as a substitute for medical advice.


10 - Delivery to Apartments + Condos

At checkout please include all instructions necessary for delivery including if you would like your order to be brought up to your apartment (buzzer code required) or if you would like us to leave it at the front desk! 


11 - How many deliveries will I receive?

Nook meals are made with the highest fresh ingredients so we do not deliver more than 3 days of meals or juice at a time. If you have ordered a 5 Day program you will receive 2 deliveries! 

12 - What does Nook do with the food waste?

Because the majority of our orders are placed in advance we are able to minimize the food waste produced in our kitchen. Any food waste we have is picked up by an organic local farmer who feeds to his live stock! We strive to reduce our footprint and are constantly finding new ways to improve. 


13 - How do I get my bottle return credits?

All of our glassware can be returned for a $0.25 credit. This credit goes towards your future nook meals and juices. It’s easy! All we ask is that you rinse out your bottles and jars as best as you can before returning them to our location at 990 Bishop St N. Lost the lid? No problem, you’ll still get your credit. Getting another Nook order delivered? Leave your bottles & jars on your doorstep for pickup to save you the trip! You will get your credits sent to you through a discount code via email.