The "Self Love" Project

Welcome to the “Self Love” Project. There are so many factors that influence our health from the nutrition we fuel our body with to the type of movement we guide it through to the quality of sleep that we get. All of these things are incredibly important for a healthy body but they can feel almost impossible to accomplish if we do not love ourselves first. You can feed yourself the highest quality, whole food, plant based diet but if we don’t start with loving ourselves then there will be a disconnect inside.

Self love is saying “I Love You” to yourself in different ways each day. It can be a nice long hug that you give to yourself, it can be looking up at the beautiful sky, it can be taking time to focus on your breathing, or simply making the conscious effort to be kind to yourself. After the last two years of so much isolation and uncertainty it is more important than ever to look within and challenge ourselves to see what level of self love we can create because when we love ourselves we have so much more love to spread into the world. 

The “Self Love” Project is an exploration into what we can do and how we can carve out space to love ourselves for who we are. Self love goes so much deeper than simply feeling good - It is about appreciating who we are and all of the beautiful things that makes us unique. It is about leaning into asking ourselves questions, even the uncomfortable ones, so that we can give ourselves permission to grow into higher forms of self. 

Over the last few weeks we have been having discussions with some incredible women about what they do as acts of love for themselves and what is holding them back from doing it more often. We will be sharing these conversations because we believe that the more we talk about these topics the more we will be inclined to act upon them. The emerging theme that came from these conversations was that the key to “Self Love” is time. Time to ask yourself what you need that day, time to try new things, and time to practice them again and again and again. Loving yourself takes time, practice, and patience - But just like a muscle - The more you exercise it the more it grows. 

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day today we want to highlight the importance of finding out what your own personal version of “Self Love” truly is. The easiest place to start is to ask yourself some simple questions:
** What lights me up immediately?
** What makes me laugh?
** What makes my body feel good? 
    Once you have some ideas to the questions now is the time to take it one step further and write down three promises to yourself. Three promises that you will do something that lights you up, makes you laugh, and makes your body feel good this week. Here were my promises to myself this week.
    ** I, Madi, promise to go for a walk around the lake at sunrise (because this is what lights me up in the mornings).
    ** I, Madi, promise to FaceTime with my girlfriends (because this is what makes me laugh)
    ** I, Madi, promise to put on my favourite dance album and have a dance party with myself (because this is what makes my body feel good)
    Carve out time and space to understand what makes you feel loved because there is so much power in loving yourself. There is power in creating boundaries to give yourself time to fall in love with yourself because when you love yourself you are more capable of loving others.

    Happy Love Day.

    x Nook 

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