Polyphenols: Nature's Probiotics

These wonder nutrients are abundant in plants are are structurally diverse. They offer protection from UV light, and defence against the plant's being eaten. 

They are a diverse group of micronutrients that give us many benefits including supporting the health of our gut because they are also probiotics and increase the population of the healthy bacteria in our gut. There are over 8,000 unique polyphenols that have been identified and are most bioavailable (ie. the rate of absorption by the body) when consumed through whole foods verses a supplement. 

Regularly consuming polyphenols will boost digestion and brain health, reduce inflammation, and help protect against heart disease. 

One of the main benefits of ordering from a meal delivery service that focusses on plant-based whole foods is the diversity of plants that you're able to consume and the variety of farm fresh ingredients without having to keep a fridge full of 30+ different fruits and vegetables. 

Increasing the amount of polyphenols in your diet is a great way to build up the strength of your gut health. It can be very hard and uncomfortable to digest the recommended 30g+ of fibre per day if you are used to getting 10g of fibre which is why polyphenols are so helpful. They build up the microbiome's strength and ability to digest fibre! Start by including 2 - 3 polyphenol rich foods into your diet per day (a cup of green tea + a serving of berries is a great starting point) and then increase slowly over time & you will start to see the benefits including a more efficient digestive system and stronger immune system.  

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