Introducing: Free Consultations with Madi

We know that choosing what you eat is extremely personal, and finding the right foods that make you feel your best and even knowing where to start can be really overwhelming.

Over the past few months, we have found that when we have the opportunity to have a conversation with our clients, we are able to help guide them towards the best option for them, because we get to find out their unique needs. Whether that be deciding which juice cleanse to try or how to build a meal subscription that will best suit their schedule, a quick chat always seems to help!

It’s important to note, we are not doctors. We consult with a dietician as often as we can, but we do not claim to cure or prevent any ailment. We simply believe in the power of eating a colourful and diverse plant based diet in the form of delicious meals and juices made from organic whole foods made with zero gluten, dairy, or refined sugar.  



We truly miss seeing our clients in person so we decided to launch a complimentary video chat option! You can now book 15 minute sessions with Madi with a click of a button. She can talk you through how you’re feeling and what you’re looking for, explain Nook’s meals, programs, juices & cleanses and help you find the best fit! 

Book your free consultation to learn more about Nook meal programs could help you HERE

*These conversations will be recorded for quality control and are completely confidential*

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