How we evolved from Galt Juice Co. into Nook

Almost 2,500 years ago Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. This quote has stayed with me over the years as I have developed a deeper understanding that food truly heals or hurts our body. Every time we sit down to eat we are making a decision to either restrict or flood our systems with the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed to energize our cells and allow them to flourish.

Over half a decade ago I opened a little organic juice shop in downtown Galt, Ontario. I was young and passionate about healthy living but nothing could have prepared me for how deeply I would fall in love with the industry. Over the years I met so many incredible people, so many wonderful customers who I learned so much from. My eyes were opened to the massive assortment of health concerns so many were trying to deal with, trying to understand, trying to figure out how to reverse. 
I heard stories of struggling with pain, a reliance on too many medications, and a sense of hopelessness. Those were the difficult days because I felt like there was nothing that I could do because I was not a doctor or a health practitioner in any sense, I started Galt Juice because I wanted my town to have access to the healthiest and more convenient way to incorporate more veggies into their diet.
As difficult as it was to hear these stories what outshined the painful stories were the stories of healing - Through food.
I would have customers come in who told me that they had a diagnoses 10 years ago that sentenced them to a life of pain medications yet a decade later they were taking zero pharmaceuticals and had never felt better, all through taking ownership of their diet and lifestyle. By learning what type of fuel our bodies actually need in order to fight again chronic illnesses.
So over the years I listened and learned. I learned which types of foods we should be basing the majority of our diet around, and I learned how to make them taste good. Really good. My philosophy has always been that if something doesn’t taste good or bring joy then it becomes much more difficult to turn into a habit versus a phase. There is no “End Goal” when it comes to our health, it truly is a life-long journey that we have to work on everyday. What you eat should make you happy. It should make you feel energized and excited that you get to experience that feeling every single day of our lives.
Galt Juice Co. allowed me to evolve my passion for plant base food. I learned invaluable lessons from those customers as well as innovative thought leaders, organic farmers who attribute their vitality to the food they grow, seasoned plant base chefs, and functional medicine doctors through blogs, podcasts, documentaries, and old fashion conversations.

When the pandemic hit in early March of this year it turned all of our lives upside down. We had to tackle something that none of us had ever encountered before, it brought on so many uncertainties but also lessons. We can not predict the future and there is so much that is out of our control but the one thing we can control is how we feed our bodies.

We can take control by choosing what to eat everyday to be proactive about our health, not just reactive. During the pandemic Galt Juice Co. was fortunate to remain open by delivering our juices direct to our clients homes. With so many parents being stuck at home having to juggle working-from-home as well as taking care of their children 24/7 we started to deliver fully prepared meals along with the juices.
Knowing that we were helping people eat a healthier diet was all the motivation I needed to pursue this path to create something special, to take what I learned from Galt Juice Co. and to expand it.
Say hello to Nook. A plant based meal delivery company. My mission is to help people realize just how incredible they can feel when they feed their bodies with the proper ingredients. Ingredients that are nutrient-dense, colourful, hydrating, organic, and prepared in a diverse way that is so damn delicious you will question how healthy they are (the answer is incredibly so). We are here to make it unbelievably convenient for people by delivering freshly prepared vibrant meals straight to their door.
We are here to remove meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and dishes from the to do list and to allow you to take back the most precious finite resource we have - time. Food is the building block of our wellness but it can be overshadowed when we are in a constant state of “busy” or always in “hustle mode”. Nook is here to challenge our customers to take the time saved and use it to practice radical self love.
We are working with experts in many different fields to discuss how to find balance through mindfullness, fitness and movement, sleep habits, and building purpose and passion. I can not begin to express my gratitude for being able to carve this path, for all of the customers who supported Galt Juice Co. over the years. Thank you for being apart of the first journey, it laid the foundation for Nook and our goals to help you eat clean & live vibrantly.
Founder | Nook

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