Earning free meals & juices with Nook Rewards!

There are lots of ways to earn & redeem your Nook points and signing up is easy! Sign up here.
Point earning opportunities:
• Earn points for each purchase
• Return empty glassware
• Refer a friend & more!
Rewards to redeem:
• $5 off your order
• $25 off your order 
• $50 off your order 




Bottle Return Credits

Our bottle return program will be switching over to our points reward program as well. So, what does this mean?

On your end, everything stays the same. Keep rinsing your bottles and leaving them on your step for us to pick up & bringing them to the commissary as you always have!

The only change is that instead of receiving an e-gift card with your bottle credits, you will have points added to your rewards account. The $0.25 per bottle/jar value remains the same.

Galt Juice Points

Have you been a long time customer of ours and have some Galt Juice loyalty points saved up from before our transition to Nook?

Don’t worry you can still use those points! Your remaining Galt Juice point balance has been transferred to your new Nook Rewards account using your same email, which you can access easily once you sign up.

Start earning points & saving by signing up today!

Have questions? Email us at hello@eatnook.ca.

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