A Yearly Check In: Q's to ask on your birthday

Question’s I ask myself on my birthday

Celebrating your birthday with friends and family (and in my case, a fun flash sale) is always wonderful, but I’ve learned to tuck a few hours away on my birthday to go somewhere quiet & calming to look back on the year that just past.

Today I decided to wake up early and walk out to the lake so that I could enjoy the sunrise while reflecting back on the year. Here are the questions that I prompt my reflections with:

  • What made me feel most alive this year?
  • What new experience did I create for myself this year?
  • What was the best advice I received this year? - I was told that “Any situation is better with a smile” at minute 4 when I was sitting in a tub full of ice and I've repeated it to myself daily since.
  • What new habit did I create that I love?
  • What old habit do I want to let go of?
  • Which narratives about myself do I want to let go?
  • What am I willing to struggle for in this next year?
  • What do I want to expend my energy on in this next year?

Once you go through these questions, draw your attention to the present moment. Take it all in, all of the learning, all of the ups and downs - And tell yourself how proud you are of you. Regardless if it was a year of major transformations, survival, or simply existing - Take a moment to be proud of yourself.

This year’s greatest teaching for me was to take control of my thoughts. I learned the value of strengthening my relationship with my thoughts is vital because it has an affect on every aspect of my life. So now - I’m off to my favourites spots in the city to eat and have a magical day.

x Madi

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  • Hi Madi,
    You & I share the same birthday, September 20, & I just sat down to answer the reflective questions you posed! I loved them, thank you so much for posting them. And you are right, we do need to be proud of ourselves. Here’s to a fresh new year for us! Happy Birthday, Carolyn


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