2022 Reflections & Questions for 2023

Reflections of 2022 & Planning for 2023

As a society we always put so much value on creating resolutions for the New Year but I’ve found that unless we take time to reflect on the past year, we don't learn from our greatest teacher - Ourselves.

Each year a few days before we move into January I carve out time to reflect on the last twelve months. Taking time to reflect allows me to feel proud of my accomplishments, and realize how much I can grow in a year. Reflecting also allows me to take stock of the things that I want to change and make a plan to do so.

Questions to reflect on the year:
  1. What were my top three memories I created this year? WHY?
  2. What were my top wins of the year?
  3. What was the biggest surprise of the year?
  4. What were the biggest lessons I learned?
  5. What did I want to do, but didn't? WHY?
  6. What came into my life that I didn’t expect?
  7. How have I changed during this year?

Once you’ve taking the time to reflect on 2022, you can shift your thoughts onto building the framework for 2023.

Questions for 2023:

  1. Which version of yourself do you want to evolve into?
  2. Do you want to expand your joy, your impact, your success?
  3. What do you need to add to your life to become that next version of yourself?
  4. What do you need to remove from your life now to become that version of yourself?
  5. What new adventures do you want to experience?
  6. What type of energy do you want to cultivate?

“A resolution only works if you have the integrity to keep the promises you make to yourself. It’s not willpower that fails us. It’s a lack of personal integrity.” - Michael Bosstick, Entrepreneur

When we read something that “attacks” our personal integrity, our natural response is to become defensive about it, but that’s a good thing because it means that it hit a nerve. This quote spoke to me because it highlights what I believe is the number one problem with most resolutions that we make.. We make them way outside our realm of possibilities which ultimately leads to failure. So as you begin to think about your resolutions for next year, begin with asking yourself what you can keep yourself accountable to.

  • I can’t keep myself accountable to cold plunging 7 days a week, but I can keep myself accountable to cold plunging 3 days a week and IF I achieve more.. Bonus.
  • I can’t keep myself accountable to eating ZERO sugar, but I can keep myself accountable to having zero sugar in my home and allow myself to judge in the moment if I want to indulge while I am out for a celebration like a birthday party.
  • I can’t keep myself accountable to meditate for 30 minutes every day, but I can keep myself accountable to incorporating 6 minutes of meditating OR breathing each day. On the days where I CAN carve out 30 minutes for calming my mind, that will just be another bonus to be extremely proud of.

By understanding your own tendencies, schedule, and personality you can create a plan that will start to build the most important thing.. Your self confidence.

“The instant you accept responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you acquire the power to change it. Self confidence is an internal game.. You do not need external accolades, it is all done internally. When you do the things you tell yourself you’re going to do, you begin to build self confidence, which is the reputation you build with yourself” - Ed Mylett, Entrepreneur

Going into next year, choose to be your own cheerleader and accountability coach simultaneously. Build your schedule and plan in a way that you can succeed at it. It’s not about becoming an entirely new person in 30 days. It’s about improving 1% per day so that you begin to create a new lifestyle that holds space for improvement.

I had the pleasure of meeting many incredible thought leaders and teachers this year. The greatest teachings I took from 2022 was feeling the power of community and learning to prioritize moments of stillness, something that I had struggled with my entire life. By making time to practice stillness, by being disciplined about the practice, I now find myself naturally leaning into it. By finding a community that prioritizes stillness, I was able to learn from them and lean on them when I needed support. Making changes is hard, but the magic you feel when you find yourself in the “flow” of the change is astonishing.

I created Nook VK because I wanted to have a tool to take care of my health and the health of my community. Health is wealth. Without health, you can’t expand. Without health, you are in a constant state of unease. By prioritizing actions to take care of your health (physically, mentally, and spiritually) your world opens up to possibilities that you never knew existed. We need time and sustainable energy to take care of our health. This year, let us take care of your nutrition so that you can take care of yourself.

If you feel like you need support this year, please reach out to me. I am hosting my first “Community Cleanse” this year beginning January 9th where anyone can sign up for a cleanse (click here to save 15% on any cleanse or program) and be invited to join a support group chat for the duration of the cleanse.

Remind yourself that you can do hard things, remind yourself that you are built to accomplish hard things. Remind yourself that you are a miracle just by being here. We all are, so why not push ourselves to see what other miracles we can create?

Happy New Years friends, let's move into 2023 with a plan for personal growth and joy, and an open heart.

x Madi

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