Why Our Menus Change

You may be wondering, "Why does Nook not offer peaches year round?" or "Why does Nook's menu keep changing?".

All of our produce comes from our local organic farms and distributors to reduce our transportation impact as much possible!  This means that, in turn, all of our meals and menus are designed to try our best to reflect what is in season and currently available from our local organic partners. While we would love to be able to offer asparagus and peaches in the winter, North American growing seasons don't allow us to offer seasonal ingredients like these without ordering them from very far away and for a great deal higher environmental and financial cost.


Another reason that our menus often change, is to reduce our food waste. We order large quantities of organic ingredients, meaning we sometimes have more than we need for the current week's meals. This is when we take a look at our upcoming menus to see how we can make something new and delicious that uses the rest of the surplus ingredient! 

Keeping our menus fresh, seasonal and as local as humanly possible is very important to us. We hope you love getting to try new and exciting dishes each week as a result of our efforts to be sustainable!

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